• Fraud Risk Management Webinar Series - Part 3

Fraud Risk Management Webinar Series - Part 3

Date: 11 May 2022
Time: 14:25 - 16:30


  • Summary

Throughout both the developed and developing world, there is a heightened focus on – and decreasing tolerance of – fraud and corruption, as a step towards this direction, the BDO Forensics team in East Africa is proud to present to you part 3 of our series of webinars entitled FRAUD RISK MANAGEMENT scheduled for Wednesday 11 May 2022 at 2:30 pm (EAT). 
The primary purpose of this webinar series is to support our clients, prospects, and stakeholders to appreciate the risks around their entities and assess their ability to address the identified risks.
Fraud Risk Management Webinar series ahead

11 May – Part 3 – Tales from the Dark Side – Case studies of actual fraud and lessons learnt.

25 May – Part 4 – Global Standards for Forensic Accounting and Elements of a Fraud and Corruption Control System.
THE TOPICS covered during this four-part series will include:

  • What is fraud and what are the legal elements of fraud?
  • Understanding fraud, the fraudster and the fraud environment.
  • The Occupation Fraud: 2022 Report to the Nations
  • Occupational Fraud - introduction
  • Types of fraud – asset misappropriation, financial statement fraud and corruption
  • Fraud Taxonomy
  • Fraud Losses, duration of fraud and fraud velocity
  • Methods used to conceal fraud
  • Fraud statistics by industry
  • Fraud in non-profit organizations
  • Profile of a Fraudster
  • Fraud Risk by industry type
  • Fraud in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The role and responsibilities of Employees, Management, the Internal Audit Committee and Directors in the prevention of fraud
  • Fraud Prevention Strategy – Prevention, Detection and Response
  • Tales from the Dark Side - specific case studies of actual frauds we have investigated and the lessons we learnt from these cases
  • Global Standards on Forensic Accounting
  • Walk throughs - a fraud corruption and control system, code of conduct, fraud prevention plan
  • Trends in the fight against fraud and corruption

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