Infrastructure & Transport

Infrastructure & Transport

Public Infrastructure was hitherto a domain of the government. In the new-world though, subsidies, bail-outs and continuing losses cannot be tolerated by cash strapped governments and many Public Private Partnerships (PPP) models are being experimented with and successfully implemented.

The Public Infrastructure Group of BDO has worked on several projects in the African region, especially areas of Telecoms, Electricity, Water, Waste-water, Ports and Aviation.  These projects are varied in size, but the complexity of being sensitive to the needs of the government, the taxpayer, the consumer and the citizen at large has always been kept in mind.

BDO has played an important role in projects of governments backed by bilateral or multilateral banks or private entities, mainly in areas of project finance, privatization, policy frameworks, re-structuring, introducing market reforms. Our, infrastructure and capital projects experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience drawn from across our audit, contract and commercial risk, operational risk, real estate tax, project and change management teams. You will take confidence from our commitment to building relationships that support long-term success.

We are committed to designing and implementing solutions which produce measurable change and which help Public Infrastructure Companies improve and succeed. BDO has a range and depth of services and expertise that is unrivalled, including:

Serving clients in Africa
BDO professionals are meeting the growing need for the expert advisory services required by Government and international lending agencies. Our credentials include:

  • Ministry of Finance of a country which divested a part of their equity in their Telecom company to a major international operator
  • Ministry of Public Utilities to look at restructuring of the electricity board and transforming tariff structures as a preparation of Privatisation
  • Restructuring the Ports Authority of a trade-centered country
  • Advising on privatisation issues of an Airline company operating in mainland Africa  
  • Involved in the Corporate plan of the Waste Water Authority