Natural Resources & Energy

Natural Resources & Energy

The natural resources & energy sector is characterised by significant opportunities but also complex challenges. For companies operating in the oil and gas, mining, renewables or agriculture sectors, obtaining the right funding, the impact of potential volatility in commodity prices and complex risk sharing mechanisms are only some of the core issues faced. In recent years, increased regulation, a growing focus on environmental issues, governance and controls and the emphasis on operational efficiency have required natural resources companies to adapt substantially.

Mining products, petroleum & gas are the major exports of Africa. These limited resources have to be harnessed and properly managed for adequate commercial profits. This includes ensuring operational efficiencies, knowing the volatile market of commodities as well as procuring and managing the finances in this high investment, high pressure environment.

Natural Resources Group is the newest industry group of BDO and we have already worked on a few jobs of great significance in the area of transparency (EITI), privatization, audits, HRM consulting and IT implementations.

We are committed to designing and implementing solutions which produce measurable change and which help companies improve and succeed. BDO has a range and depth of services and expertise in this sector.

Serving clients in Africa

To ensure natural resources & energy companies are able to address these issues effectively they need to work with advisers who understand this challenging environment, have a broad-ranging expertise within it and strong international reach. We are those advisers.

BDO professionals are meeting the growing need for the expert advisory services required by Government and international lending agencies. Our credentials include:

  • EITI consulting in Tanzania and Zambia
  • Helping a consortium to take over a petroleum refinery in Madagascar
  • Hiving off the African operations of a large multinational petroleum company to another petro-giant.
  • Conducted a forensic audit of cobalt transactions in Zambia
  • Installed IT systems at a petroleum distribution company