BDO Ethiopia 2021/2022 Budget Highlights

The Ethiopia Budget runs from July 8th of the current year to July 7th of the following year (Hamle1 - Sene 30). The Gregorian calendar equivalent to the fiscal period 2014 (E.C) is the period from July 8th, 2021 to July 7th , 2022.

The Government of Ethiopia (GOE) prepares it budget using Programme Budgeting System. This is a system that matches budget with its end results. It is also a key tool to measure performance, to bring about accountability, to intertwine plan and budget based on policy and strategy and to coalesce recurrent and capital expenditures.

Main assumptions factored during the budget preparations are:

  • The alignment between programmes, missions and mandates
  • Priority to existing capital expenditure projects
  • The ten-year prospective plan
  • Value for money
  • Results and changes
  • Social and economic transformation
  • SDGs
  • External and internal debt servicing
  • COVID-19 pressures
  • Daily aids’ needs out of the scope of development safety net

This publication gives an overview of the budget and it additionally highlights the key takeways, budget deficit, revenue budget and expenditure budget.