Tanzania - Introduction of Upgraded VAT Electronic Filing System

In line with its Vision ‘’To increase domestic revenue through enhancement of voluntary tax compliance" and its Mission Statement ‘’We make it easy to pay tax and make lives better’’the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)
has embarked on a number of measures to promote voluntary tax compliance, collection and administration of various taxes and imparting taxpayers with convenient ways to execute their tax obligations.
The TRA issued a public notice on 3 February 2022 regarding Introduction of Upgraded VAT Electronic Filing System. The upgrade of the VAT filing system (“upgraded system”) aims at enhanced user experience where the taxpayer will use single e-filing account contrary to the current practice where VAT filing uses a separate account. The upgrade comes with a view to improve taxpayer’s VAT return filing through simplified filing
processes. The upgraded VAT e-filing system shall be rolled out effectively from 1st March 2022 and therefore will become operational for VAT return for the month of March 2020 that are due for submission on or before 20th April 2022.