Risk Management

We can provide specialist enterprise risk management (ERM) consulting and advisory services. Organisations and their stakeholders can benefit from risk experts who are ISO 31000 certified and practical advice that delivers added value to their businesses.


BDO will establish a dynamic ERM and framework based on ISO 31000:2009 that will fit your organisation’s needs.

Risk Identification and Evaluation

BDO professionals can provide tailored expert advice to help organisations identify, assess and evaluate the risks they are exposed to and put in place appropriate mitigation measures to try to prevent the worst case scenarios becoming a reality.

Assurance Mapping

Our risk management specialists are highly experienced in developing controls and assurance frameworks that are proportionate to the needs of the organisation.

Awareness Training

BDO risk management specialists can provide mentoring, coaching and training that will suit the individual needs of an organisation, from small practical workshops to large company wide presentations and e-learning.

Integrated and Modular ERM Solution – BDO ERM System

BDO’s comprehensive, integrated and modular software allows companies to meet all the challenges of Risk Management, Internal Control and Auditing. The BDO ERM system can identify, assess and evaluate risks, map controls, capture assurances and track actions.