Financial Management - Donor Agencies

Financial Management - Donor Agencies

In an increasingly competitive world, the need for greater operating efficiencies and cost-competitiveness in providing effective service delivery, has led many businesses, project implementers and donor organisations to adopt management practices that focus more on core competencies and principal business activities.

So as to meet profit-driven objectives or reduce maintenance costs on recurrent activities, more and more management processes and functions are regarded as suitable for outsourcing. These services are in the areas of Grant Management; programme administration, book-keeping and accounting; financial management; Human Resource Management; administration support services; procurement services among others.

BDO clients in the provision of these services have included donor-funded projects and Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), donor representative offices, multilateral agencies, government agencies, country offices for multinational corporations, foreign-based individuals among others. 

BDO experience over more than two decades includes acting as full Financial Management Agent for various NGOs, joint donor basket funds, bi-lateral donors and donor projects as well as private sector players engaged in a wide range of sectors. Our experience also includes assisting in the registration and set up of program implementation organisations on behalf of donors, reporting on project funds to various donors as well as handling large and sensitive assignments involving the movement of significant funds.

BDO’s experience also includes a wide range of programme management services including development of grant budgets; playing a strong fiduciary role through direct control of client funds and ensuring that they are properly monitored; assistance in the recruitment and staffing of programme teams; advice and support in procurement processes and procedures; as well as the provision of financial advisory services to grant recipients and program implementation bodies.

BDO personnel have played advisory roles in the development of grant management systems; disbursement and accounting procedures; procurement solutions; development of program budgets; financial reporting and accountability requirements (particularly where multiple donors have been involved); as well as in training, organisational and capacity development processes.