Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance

Strengthen Internal Controls & Systems with BDO's Audit Methodology

Our Audit and Assurance service is robust and transparent. It is a service that you, your investors and shareholders can trust. We tailor our service to each client and their specific needs and requirements. 

We deliver independent, high quality and efficient audits of financial statements. The quality of our audit is an assurance to investors and other stakeholders as to the reliability of the financial information provided to them.

We take our relationships with the key regulators across East Africa very seriously. It is those relationships that allow us to have a comprehensive understanding of the codes and rules governing audit as well as the likely impact of any future regulation. Our partners and professional staff have the knowledge and experience necessary to deal with complex financial reporting issues. Over the years, they have accumulated considerable industry insight which they bring to bear on the audit process.

We are also geared to providing our clients with assurance reports that meet specific and other regulatory requirements.


Our globally developed audit methodology facilitates and enhances audit quality, and is designed to meet International Standards on Auditing. Our methodology and approach has been designed to help you understand what the risks in your business are, and how to face them. 

Our software evaluates the audit risk in various areas and functions of the business in a systematic way to focus on the major risks that need our attention to form our opinion.

BDO Audit Process Tool is designed to achieve the following:

  • 'one methodology' and 'one tool' across our network
  • consistent performance of high quality, effective and efficient audits
  • ensure compliance with International Standards on Auditing
  • paperless audit and data security